Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another View

Everything changes. This gives you an impression (the best I can do with phone camera), but you will see that the White Witch has retreated. For the record, I love snow and I love winter – in winter. Waking this morning to blue was good. The birds sounded different. Perhaps it is partly due to the fact that Son of Signs recovered, only just in time to feel it was ok to travel, and at this moment I love the fact of antibiotics and what can happen when the right ones are given at the proper time. So yesterday he flew to New York with his tribe of singers and phoned just before going into the subway, sounding fine.

And I am fine, and will be. No matter how improbable, it is important to hold that feeling when it comes, in spite of any evidence to the contrary, because it makes way for new things, new projects, new life – which is why spring is important, why I particularly need to see the evidence of it. A spot of spring cleaning is in order – not the house-scrubbing kind, but the chucking out of old habits in order to make new, useful ones that are all about doing the right thing at the proper time. To whit: I am going back to a food-combining regime that I know from experience is much less tiring for me; cigarettes I have completely chucked and sugar needs to go the same way (at least for a while) as it is out of control, ditto caffeine and, actually, ditto anything that feels like an unhealthy addiction (thank you for reading thus far and bear with me please I am prone to be changeable but am seizing the day).

And then what? The writing of course, always The Writing, which is wanting and deserving of my attention and care. So if I’m not here I will, if all goes to plan, be there – attending to it. I have Things to send off, and I plan to do that even though it’s a task I find strangely difficult. I would like to include a whole list of other good things involving physical activity, like taking regular walks, but am realistic. Even so, I might manage ten minutes today. And then the writing.


Anonymous said...

I love, "I love winter – in winter." It is mid April and you can sense the tension in the air, people are sick and tired of the cold, the non-spring-like weather. They are predicting snow here for Saturday. What a lovely thing to look forward to.

So glad to hear about the cigarettes, that they are still gone from your life. Attend to those Things that need sending off, and for the love of all that is good, please adhere to the Writing, that amazing and deserving lover.

Kahless said...

I love that line too.

Hope Son of Signs is dazzling the americans with his band. Do let us know what is happening.

And yes you are right; I feel inspired today to start a spring clean of me too.

Great post as always Signs.

Reading the Signs said...

Dear David, I will attend and thank you for your words. It's funny about the cigarettes: I smoked them so many years of my life but when I finally really decided to chuck them, they very quickly left me alone and I don't miss them (too much) now. And now I reckon I can apply the same to other things.

Hi lovely Kahless, When I spoke to S o S today he was sitting in a New York deli eating a cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel - having sung with the band last night, and all well with throat - and getting ready to move to the next place.

I'm glad you feel inspired. It's a good way to start - a good way to go on as well.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Signs

I go completely stupid when it comes to sending things - any things - including payments, postcards even. There is something about putting it in that big red box that just robs me of my piece of mind. I like dispatching by email even less. Bring back the liveried delivery man I say.



Reading the Signs said...

Pants, now you come to mention it - yes! I never quite trust that it's got to its destination or hasn't in some way been tampered with. But for me, even the act of getting it together to send out in the first place is a bit of an issue.

Rabbit said...

Hi, Thanks for your little Easter message. I'm glad your son got better in time for America and that that's going well.

I can't believe I haven’t blogged for so long, I shall get a post up soon.

Minx said...

Making healthy changes is good - I am inspired, I shall only have one gin tonight.

Reading the Signs said...

Rabbit! Good to see you out of hibernation. Been wondering how you were doing.

Hi Minx - I am glad you feel inspired. Can't help wondering how many gins you usually have.

trousers said...

This made sense to me, and it was good to read something both positive and achievable/realistic after a day at work which has left me fed up.

All in all, a bit of a tonic.

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, I'm happy that here at least I'm making sense - and that it was a tonic. But sorry to hear you're fed up. Going to work - yes, I remember that. I'm on a sabbatical, you see - extended.

Digitalesse said...

Hey Signs, good luck with all those changes (for the better). I've pretty much ditched the sugar over the past few months but not intentionally. I just wanted to eat better and I have no desire for it. Well, not much ...

Well done for quitting the smoking habit. It's a tough one.

I've not been committing to my photo taking and reading your post about how you are channelling your energies into your writing - with all the usual restrictions of this *!@*%*! illness - I feel that I ought to be making more of an effort. Quitting the energy sapping, aimless, timewasting activities and committing more to creativity and learning. I don't feel so alone and adrift any more.

Reading the Signs said...

Hey Digi, lovely to see you - I'm glad you feel inspired to be creative again.