Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meme Time

I have been tagged by Kahless - so how could I refuse?

A ~ Available: - For what? A chat? Cup of coffee? Lunch at the Ritz or something - ok.

B ~ Best friend: You, Dahling - who else?

C ~ Cake or pie? Both please, with cream.

D ~ Drink of choice: Coffee

E ~ Essential thing used every day: a cafetiere

F ~ Favorite color: No. And it's 'favourite' in England.

G ~ Gummi bears or worms? I am vegetarian when it comes to eating sweets.

H ~ Hometown: What? I am a diaspora Jew.

I ~ Indulgence: I am an essentialist.

J ~ January or February? No preference, and you're being obscure again.

K ~ Kids and names: I have both.

L ~ Life is incomplete without: Leurve.

M ~ Marriage date: Why do you want to know this? Why? Anyway, I have two.

N ~ Number of siblings: One whole, four half, one ex-step (don't say I don't tell you things).

O ~ Oranges or apples? Say the Bells of St. - ?

P ~ Phobias/fears: I'm working on them. OK?

Q ~ Favorite quote: "Neither art nor the artist has a moral responsibility to liberal social causes".

R ~ Reason to smile: Life goes on. My mother-in-law used to say this a lot when she was losing the plot. But it's undeniably true.

S~ favorite Season - "I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall, I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles". And you are still spelling it wrong.

T ~ Tag three people: Oh splendid - a chance to spread the joy around. I tag Barney who as everyone knows (or jolly well ought to) is Ms Pants's remarkable, long-suffering hybrid owly cat. I also tag Chip Dale, because if he won't do it then his wife Gabby might as she seems a very good sport. And lastly, I tag The Periodic Englishman because I really think we need to know what he has to say about all these things, and anyway, where is he?

U ~ Unknown fact about me: You know almost no facts about me anyway. I'm a brunette. Sort of. Sometimes more than others.

V ~ Vegetable you don't like: Brussel sprouts. But sometimes they are ok. With chestnuts.

W ~ Worst habit: We haven't even been to lunch yet and you ask me this? Away with you!

X ~ X-rays you've had: No, really - here you go again. Don't you want to know if I believe in life after death or something? I do, as it happens, which is just as well considering I've had more x-rays than you've had hot dinners, probably.

Y ~ Your favorite food: Oysters. Chips. Stuffing and bread sauce. Purple sprouting broccoli. Don't know. I am a woman with a taste for most of what Life has to offer.

Z ~ Zodiac: Libra, dahling. Moon in - can't remember. Bored now.


Kahless said...

I am glad you did this!

Wasnt so bad as meme's go and you did an excellent job I must say..

Reading the Signs said...

Actually, Kahless, between you and me I'm getting to quite like these list things. They give me something to say - or shy away from, which always gives a slight frisson.

Kahless said...

Me too! If they are quick to do they offer some light entertainment. I must confess, in the spirit of just between you and me, efore now I have gone trawling the internet looking for a meme to do! Some may consider it sad, me, entertainment!

Unknown said...

That really made me smile.

I was reminded, reading this one, "Cake or pie? Both please, with cream" of a certain Winnie the Pooh who, when asked if he'd rather have jam or honey, said both please but don't bother with the bread.

Pants said...

Hi Signs

By popular demand, Barney has set up his own page and has done your meme. You can find it here.

I wouldn't like to say I told you so.



Reading the Signs said...

Kahless I trawled the internet, but never for memes. It sounds almost wicked. Like it.

Hi Vanilla - but I would have the bread too, and butter.

Reading the Signs said...

Barney! (Hi Pants) - I'm coming right over. His own page! (Swoon)

The Periodic Englishman said...

You take cream with your pies? You don't eat Gummi bears? You're Jewish? Sheesh. What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is wrong with you, Signs?

Anyway, I'll set to work, but don't be thinking I'm happy about it.

Your (grouchy) stallion,

TPE xxx

Reading the Signs said...

Grouchy Stallion, just between you and me, I virtually lived on gummi barchen (please add umlaut where appropriate) as a child when I lived in Germany. But witholding certain pieces of information adds an air of mystery, I always think.

The Periodic Englishman said...

Do you? Well, I can only hope that you never get stopped going through customs, Signs, because those guys are not big on the whole withholding of information thing. Just so you know.

I knew you must have been a secret Gummi Bear inhaler, RTS. I would have been so disappointed to learn otherwise. I am still partial, forgive me.

Anyway, be quiet. I'm just here to say hello and to wish you the very best of aliveness and happiness all through the Christmassy season.

As ever, but with an added emphasis, lovely Signs - only good things to you. Happy Christmas.


Reading the Signs said...

Be quiet? Be quiet? No, no, Mr. TPE, that will never do. Noisily and verbosely, I also wish you only, and I mean only good things this festive season. It gets better: we're not even half way through yet. The fat lady doesn't sing until after January 6th.

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