Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Teeth, Adrenaline and the Universe

I have a core belief that the universe is not a safe place. A cognitive behavioural therapist revealed this to me and encouraged me to challenge it, even though I think that, as beliefs go, it’s quite a reasonable one. I can live with this. But today I went to the dentist who gave me a shot of local anaesthetic with adrenaline, in spite of my notes saying No Adrenaline – on account of it not sitting well with people who have M.E. It did occur to me to check, as I usually do, that he was remembering to give me the other thing, but as I am a frequent visitor and we have been through this many times, I decided to trust the situation. My heart immediately told me something was wrong. It began to skip about. A good messenger, the heart.

My old German grandma who had fled Nazi Germany with gold pieces sewn into the lining of her fur coat, used to tell everyone they should “be heppy because things can only get vorse”. So clearly I get my core belief from her. Are things getting worse? The muscles in my shoulders and legs say yes. And am I happy? In the teeth of it all - you bet.


That's so pants said...

Hi Signs. Oddly my dentist Terry is one of only three people in the world I do trust. Not sure if he's ever given me adrenaline but he has signed my passport photos three times so I'm reasonably sure he's not dangerous although I understand he is originally from Ballarat.

Ms Melancholy said...

And therein lies the fundamental problem with CBT - we make strenuous efforts to abandon the old belief and then the bloody world bowls us a googly. Nice blog x

Reading the Signs said...

TSP - mazel tov! I had a friend who came from Ballarat so that sounds ok - though of course one can never be sure.

Thanks Ms M - and then they want you to consider the worst possible outcome. Tarot cards for me in future, I think - so many ways of reading them.

Ms Baroque said...

hi, Reading. Well, I'm with you on the first bit - that it wasn't an unreasonable belief in the first place.