Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celebrity Bear

Three songs from a musical the daughter wrote.  

If you would like to vote and help her get through to the finals of a competition for new musical theatre composers you can vote here.  Her name is Rose Lewenstein.  You'll find her in the third column.

You will also see a link there to the other submissions.  I'm obviously a bit partial.


Pants said...

Ah, the marvellous Lewensteins - a talented family.

I love these songs. I hope Rose does well in the competition. I have voted!



Reading the Signs said...

Pants - Mwah! It would be great if she did x

Anna MR said...

Musicals are not my bag, by and large, but these songs are really good and very professional (I would easily believe them to be from the pen of some famous hotshot Rodgers/Hammerstein combo). Congratulate the beautiful Rose for me – whether she wins the competition or not, she is a winner already. Does she do any of the singing herself?


Reading the Signs said...

She didn't sing on these recordings, no - she chose a musical theatre friend to play the part of Honey Bear. Glad that you enjoyed them :)

Montag said...

Fascinating and enjoyable.

I never thought I would learn so much about your family as I have in the past few months. A talented family, indeed.

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Montag :)

I really enjoy the things they do.