Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Wish I Was Dreaming Of You

I am unashamedly promoting this vid that my son wrote for the Zig Zag Birds.  He is singing it too.  I love it.  Ok, it's my son, I would say that.  But if he had nothing to do with it I would still love this and other Zig Zag songs (which you can find on the side, on Youtube).  They are retro with a twist and remind me of the kind of songs from the 70s that I would want to play over and over.  Anyone remember Andrew Gold's Lonely Boy  and Never Let Her Slip Away?  He comes to mind, but there are others too so feel free to remind me of them.


Anna MR said...

He is so cute. Just saying. If I was thirty years younger, Schwesterlein, I might just be on a crusade to make you my mother-in-law. Just. Saying.

(Please, I am not a dirty old woman, okay? I'm just recognising a heartbreaker where I see one.)

And you're right – there's something of the old-pop era in the song. Sweet, catchy, deceptively light, actually containing lots of, you know, heavy-duty harmonies and other musical-technical stuff (where I very easily am out of my depth all of a sudden).

A spring hit, I am glad you shared. Thank you. And do tell SoS I am a fan, too.


Reading the Signs said...

You are not the first to say this, you know - there is someone else who might also have been a daughter-in-law contender :)

Yes, I find myself out of my depth too when wanting to say something other than the obvious about it - I think the word 'deceptive' is right, because there is something else alongside the sweetness that makes it more than just a catchy number. But shut my face because as the mother it is unseemly to keep banging on about it.

Yep, the SoS will be informed :)


Cusp said...

What a cheeky grin :)

'tis I said...


I knew it.

This song (enclosed) came to mind today when I was travelling on the tram, back from uni, specifically as one that "I Wish I Was" was sort of reminiscent of.

Now could I said that more complicatedly, if I'd tried to? Not sure. Anyway, on the offchance that you or the SoS loathes and detests the song, I'd like to just point out that I am a total sucker for pop of this era. Catchy, deceptively simple-sounding with plenty clevernesses hidden under the surface. Me likes.

(Brilliant WVL: basedAme. I love it.)

Reading the Signs said...

I love that song, 'tis you, haven't remembered it for years. There is something of that quality, yes - but I think it harks back to more late than early 60s, and definitely 70s.

Pants said...

Thanks Andie

I still do 'star light, star bright' when I see the evening star so this was always going to have me for supper. Magic



Reading the Signs said...

Pants :) x