Monday, February 11, 2013

Loungewear Monday

I spent the morning re-fashioning a poem for tomorrow's workshop.  Result: something better than the original but I can't be sure, I am still too close to it.  I would have liked to carry on with other writing but really, a morning's work is the most I could do and in order to do it I had to not get properly dressed but go straight to it after my morning coffee before the small egg-timer of energy substance ran out.

I am still in my brown yoga suit, which serves for sleepwear on cold nights and also as loungewear in the daytime when one is not going out or expecting to receive guests.  Loungewear is a delicious word, all the better for being a euphemism and, in the context of my life at any rate, completely ridiculous, especially as I do not have a lounge but a sitting room.  Leisurewear was also a contender but perhaps taking it a step too far and when I am doing Leisure I get properly dressed.  I find that I am missing my purple 'crushed-silk-effect' shellsuit trousers and can't remember why I eventually decided they had to go.  I could wear them anywhere - in bed, outdoors, with a sweatshirt or with cashmere jumper and pearls.  I have looked for something similar on eBay, without success.

There is a thin layer of snow on everyone's garden shed.  Winter is not loosening its grip yet.


Anna MR said...

Various observations, of which two suffice for now:

1. "Loungewear" is a brilliant word, which should be utilised more; you are to be commended for bringing it to blog-parlance here.

2. "Loungewear Monday" is a brilliant term, especially as I only just realised that it sorta echoes the Eastery terminology, which we are getting into this week.

Loungewear Monday, closely followed by Ash Wednesday. Hurrah for Signs, it takes a poet to bring this stuff out.


Reading the Signs said...

Ain't that just the truth? Gawd. You know, sometimes even I don't realise just what a poetical turn of mind I seem to have. Takes one to know one, Schwestah.