Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's November, novel-immersion month - and guess what? I am clobbered with the mother and father of all colds and have a temperature. I am not overly superstitious but I have noticed that this kind of thing tends to happen immediately after I say anything to suggest that I might have been feeling a bit, you know, brighter. For most of this year I have been post-viral or post-dental anaesthetic. I know this is just a bastard cold, but everyone by now knows that PWME don't get colds like other people do. It isn't the cold itself but the aftermath that we fear. Ditto dental work and anaesthetic.

Ok, dizzy now. Be seeing you.


Zhoen said...

Poor dear.

'tis me yes said...

Oh meine kleine Schwesterlein Mäuschen, what A Bastard Thing. Sending hugs and hot honey and lemon with extra blankets and entertainment (and grapes, and yes, chocolate. Dark, bitter, 75% cocoa, from Ghana, or possibly, if you're partial to it, Ecuadorian with a twist of chilli to it).

Okay well, the entertainment comes here, the rest um through the ether in spirit form (sorry about that). Look: something me son brought to me attention yesterday. Apparently, some young dudes are practicing distinctly Jesus-like skills…weird stuff no?


(hope hope hope you get well soon)

Reading the Signs said...

Chocolate is good for colds? Tell me this is true! Well I know chocolate itself is good for you, but the thing is I like it with that sugar stuff. Anyway, I would like some. Humph.

I think it's an eminently worthwhile thing to be practising - walking on water :)