Thursday, October 6, 2011

- just because

I happened to come across it today (beautiful world and universe) and confess that from time to time this is the sort of thing I pure and simple need, for restoration, and I am not talking dentistry, though I have been there today for restoration, and it is national poetry day and although poetry will not confine itself to solace, restoration and beauty, it often seems that people come to poetry for these things or for a breath of air from 'yon far country', which is paradise never-quite-lost - and because I love the animals and the birds much more now, as I have said, probably too many times, but it bears repeating and anyway I want to, and because there seems to be no evidence at all that the meek will inherit the earth, and the creatures may teach us how to become more human, it may be so


Fire Bird said...

yowzah that is certainly a beautiful bird and makes me think of
'hope is the thing with feathers'

@slangular said...

Ooooooh! What a lovely place to be, under either of those wings.

Reading the Signs said...

Fire Bird, wings are always welcome in House of Signs.

@Slangular, when one looks at something long enough it becomes possible to say "I am that"!

Mim said...


Yours for getting out,

Reading the Signs said...

oh gosh, Mim, I came across the image on Facebook. But that's what you meant by 'getting out, isn't it - getting out on the internet?

There is a Facebook page called Beautiful World and Universe - got it from there.