Thursday, September 15, 2011

five reasons why you should follow me on Twitter

- Because I might be famous one day. If for some reason that is not immediately apparent this should happen, then you will really wish you had followed sooner rather than later. It just looks better and nicer.

- Because it's nice to be nice. True - nice is back in fashion, and this is not just me getting old or even a bit less rock an roll. Nice is like Christmas and birthday cards, and exquisite cakes with your coffee, it puts a small glow in the middle of you, where a glow should be, but sometimes one struggles (does one not, now and then) to keep it there. Re cards and cakes, anyone want to tell me about paper wastage and blood sugar levels - don't. Be nice.

- Because I have had a radical new hair cut. Yes, on Twitter you can see the beaming, new-look Signs, cropped and salt and pepper grey. You can also see a small gap at the side where a tooth is missing. It adds to the character, trust me.

- Because if you follow me then I might follow you back. That is actually almost a certainty. I was about to say that beggars can't be choosers, but what I really mean is that I am in the first flush of enthusiasm, not to mention New Kid on the Block, and will therefore say yes to anyone, unless it seems obvious that you are going to be a seriously unpleasant person or dangerous psychopath. And right now I am actually interested in all this and - potentially - you. Which may not be the case if I become famous like, say, Stephen Fry who everyone seems to follow. For he has over three million followers, and how could he possible be interested in all of them?

- Because you are very curious to see what a 'fatigue-artiste and martyr*' actually does with herself, and this will give you a hotline to the Life of Signs, not to mention the odd line of verse and piece of poetic prose.

*Quentin Crisp described himself as "exhibitionist and martyr". If you have never watched the film The Naked Civil Servant, then you must. Having M.E./CFIDS does not carry the same danger as being a homosexual in the earlier part of the twentieth century did. But it carries its own stigma, is widely misunderstood - and it is an artistic work-in-progress to be living with it, in creative relationship.


belinda whitworth said...

I'm following your blog - does that count? (But I'd like to see your new haircut.)

Reading the Signs said...

Belinda, it counts! :)
- but for now the haircut is only on Twitter. I'll have to do a new Lego-me.

belinda whitworth said...

(That's the first time I've done one of those. I'm learning the lingo.)

Zhoen said...

I'm sticking with this format, my apologies.

Reading the Signs said...

No apologies necessary, Zhoen :) - doing this for the fun of it.

Megan said...

Now I am following both your blog and twitter-- though clearly I did it backwards since I followed you on twitter first. Thank you for the kind words about my blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of yours!

Reading the Signs said...

Lovely to see you here Megan - backwards seems good too (for some reason makes me think of Alice Through the Looking Glass). Looking forward to reading yours too.