Wednesday, February 23, 2011

all you need is .....

(The Holstee Manifesto - go Google)

1. Thanks for the advice, I bet you love giving it and go around dishing it out often.

2. I don't like simplistic pronouncements that pretend to tell the truth about life. Good enough?

3. How do you even know how much TV I watch?

4. All emotions are not beautiful. Some are very ugly, get over it.

5. I have a ghastly premonition about your inspiring dream, but fire away.

6. I don't want to travel often, I have M.E. and Brighton is close.

7. Share my passion? You'll be lucky if I even share a packet of Monster Munch. Pickled onion flavour, if you want to know, very nice - for those that like that sort of thing, which I do. There, I've shared something.

Ah, cobblers.


Anna MR said...

Living as I do in the outer reaches of the known universe, as Someone in the Real Know once put it, I had to google to find out what the dickens this thing was about.

Your reply made me laugh. Go Schwestergirl, go. While there's you, there's resistance…here synonymous with hope, to be sure.


(Signs of Hope and Resistance, you won't mind if I say a quick hello to trousers, in case he visits here? Hei, housut, it was really sweet of you to greet and ask after me the other day. Hope you are most super well. x )

Reading the Signs said...

Schwestah, we are living in the last days, I tell you! The ghastly, all-smiling, positive affirmation-pronouncing, emotional freedom-tapping Philistine is upon us. La Resistance goes on.

If you discover what the dickens it's about let me know. Merchandising, methinks.

(A certain Paul McK is granted special license - just for now)

Cusp said...

From whence did this pronouncement come ?

You dear sweet old cycnic :O)

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, I saw it over at Ms Baroque's - who received it via Twitter by mistake. Should really enlarge it.

I'm probably neither as sweet or as cynical as you think :)

Mim said...

The next time someone tells me to "stop and smell the roses," I plan to recite Blake with dramatic emphasis:
O Rose, thou art sick! /The invisible worm/ That flies in the night,/ In the howling storm . . . "

Fire Bird said...

yes this is truly one for the barf bucket isn't it? I hate this pernicious guilt-tripping of all ordinary mortals who can't just magically 'change' what we 'don't like' and who have non-beautiful emotions

WV - rammol

rammol say I!

Reading the Signs said...

Mim, and what would Blake have made of that manifesto, I wonder?

Fire Bird, and my WV is prose - meaning fight the good fight with all the means at our disposal!

Digitalesse said...
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Digitalesse said...

I too get fed up with those silly banal new-age platitudes, and what's worse is when fellow PWME insist on mass-mailing them to everyone in their address book.

What's annoys me is that the people who are into all this shit make the same tired, old assumptions that we watch endless TV and eat the wrong diet, or haven't seen the light, blah blah blah. It's enough to make me want to take up smoking or snorting Diet Coke with extra pharmaceutical grade aspartame.

And another thing! (Yes, I'm ranting but just for theatrical effect, mind you.) Why is it that the amateur psychology faction of the PWME community seem to want to tell you that you've got 'anger issues' when all you've done is state an opinion that they didn't agree with. I suppose it doesn't apply *just* to PWME but this amateur psych crap really gets on my nerves. Big time.

Emotional freedom tapping? Oh, don't get me started! They'll get more than just a light tap from me if they don't STFU! (To be continued ...)

DISCLAIMER: no need to go crying to your chamomile pillows, I am being a bit irreverent and cynical here

Reading the Signs said...

snorting Diet Coke with extra pharmaceutical grade aspartame - I'll join your club, Digi, oh definitely (I'm serious about the Monster Munch btw so I'd want those on the side).

It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, my friend - one minute you're talking to a properly sane, intelligent enough person, a day later they have turned into a head-tapping, toe-curling positive thought-mongering evangelist.

Having said that (but don't breathe a word of this, ok?) I am doing the Paul McKenna sleep thing. Desperate times.

Zhoen said...

As a life philosophy, it falls down quite a lot, don't it?

trousers said...

I've been in such a sour mood that - quite conversely, I think - I found some of those pronouncements quite uplifting. I think I'm looking for a bit of respite, otherwise I would be demolishing each and everything on there in much the same way as you have done.

So forgive me, Signs, and other fellow cynics: on any other day of the week I would be right with you on this, for much the same reasons.

(Anna, thank you. If I'm taken in by such terrible, vacuous, simplistic, rictus-grin drivel as this manifesto that Signs has drawn our attention to, then clearly I've had better days. x)

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen, I think they (whoever they are) were trying to find something they could sell to 'ethical consumers.'

Trousers, I can't possibly take issue with the fact that you find it uplifting. I'm on my second Paul McKenna book and have the CDs to go with them. As I said to Digi, don't breathe a word of this to anyone. My hard, cynical reputation will be ruined!