Monday, October 5, 2009


I was sitting on the patio in the sunshine, it was my birthday, I had eaten a great quantity of coffee and walnut cake and drunk two mugs of coffee, there was very possibly sugar rush and caffeine high. I was bragging about my fall and how quickly I had recovered from the jolt to my spine and the bash to my head (which has left a distinctive little Harry Potter lightning-shaped scar on my forehead). The gods, having nothing better to do and feeling, perhaps, irritated by the number of apples that have ended up rotting sweetly on the "compost" heap at the end of the garden, decided to kick in and give me a bad back, weeks after the event. So now the base of my spine is inflamed, or something, and the osteopath says that I should not sit, especially at a desk, for long periods, and I should go out for "several" short, brisk walks each day so that the disc settles back. Or something. And as I sit here, I look out and it is raining. The writing has suffered a bit of a dislocation also. The gods (I knew this already), do not like interruptions, and when there are too many losing the plot is as easy as losing your way on the mountains when the mist comes down; and you have run out of Kendal Mint Cake; and you feel as though you could just lie down and sleep; but you know that this is not really an option. So you go on.


Cusp said...

Those Gods are feeling very vengeful at the moment methinks. Take a look at what they've down to poor old NMJ.

I'm going down the back docs on Wednesday. Perhaps if you and I both concentrate at about 10.30 we can form a kind of osteopathic psychic link.

Like the sound of coffee and walnut cake. Happy Birthday ! ;0)

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, the gods are going ballistic,just about every other person I meet right now seems to have had a fall. It is weird - very. Osteopsychic link, wilco.

Zhoen said...

Gods do play dice. And they cheat.

Hang in there. At least you got to finish the cake and coffee first.

Collin Kelley said...

Sorry to hear about your tumble and the back pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery and more writing! I'm coming back to the UK next summer and I'd love to meet up with you again. Details soon. :-)

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen, these are wise words, and I know you speak from lived experience. Re the coffee and cake: sometimes we win, don't we?

Collin, good to know that you are planning another trip to Albion's shores. Keep me informed!

Zhoen said...

You know I treasure your comments, right?

Reading the Signs said...



Kahless said...

I am sorry I missed you birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday.

And I hope your back mends very quickly.

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks Kahless - I'm much better now :)