Friday, June 12, 2009

bashing on (because sorry, I really can't think of a title today)

Well, that was good. One of the benefits of building up to doing a reading is that it makes you polish things up a bit and think about the various themes you are working with. It may sound a bit fey, but that isn’t always clear – at least not to me – when one is writing the poems. It is the work itself that tells you. I had the pleasure of reading with Sarah Salway and Julie Corbin, I was nicely sandwiched between the two, and I see that Salt writer Vanessa Gebbie (whose short stories I’m coincidentally about to read and who I briefly talked with last night) has written about the evening on her blog. Chuffed. And lovely that Daughter and a couple of dear friends were able to come, despite difficulties thrown up by the London tube strike.

Thanks to those who commented in the previous post, and – wouldn’t you know – as it turned out I didn’t have time to read the poem. But your efforts were not wasted! It was one that was almost headed for the virtual bin, but I have decided that Version Two will stay, and in the fullness of time (how I love that phrase, so adaptable) it will find its place.

Yesterday was also the day that Son did the last of his finals exams which, because of the R.S.I. (which became Tennis Elbow and then something else) he wrote entirely on a keyboard in a room with (his words) “all the other cripples” – may the angels bless their endeavours. So now it’s party-time for him, and a space with nothing scheduled but whatever it is he fancies doing.

And today is the Signs wedding anniversary, which we almost forgot (though Mr. S swears he didn’t). No chance at all of my cooking anything, we’re going for a curry. I am almost excarnated with sleeplessness but in that Mickey Mouse kind of state where you can keep walking on air and not fall into the ravine as long as you don’t look down. Tomorrow a friend is coming to stay, there is a big bash of a party we have been invited to, not usually my thing but it’s hosted by one of my lovely weekly writing people, there will be beautiful music and ambience and I will enjoy.

Have a good weekend yourselves, Peeps.



Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thanks for the mention. It was great to hear you read last night and to have a brief natter - it's always so busy. You'll also have to excuse my inept description of your work - I must learn more!

trousers said...

Warm thoughts sent your way for a well-deserved (not that it wouldn't be anyway) good weekend. I was aware of your last post but not able to give it my full attention, though I'm glad that things turned out as they should have done. Must go back and read it (not out of duty, but out of interest) at a suitable juncture.

Meanwhile, I wish you a very, very Happy Anniversary, and that that the party holds good things for you.

Reading the Signs said...

Vanessa, I was pleased with your description! And it came as a nice surprise to find it there after the reading.

Hello Trousers, thank you. Mr. S and I worked out that we've been together half our lives. Somehow this feels significant.

btw re last post, you can still vote if you'd like to.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Signs, congratulation!

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Zhisou :)

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