Monday, October 8, 2007

Nicely Hitting the Mark

One doesn't always like to be summed up and labelled. Don't you remember those teachers' reports that were either not very nice or somehow failed to hit the mark? And how one carries them on life's long sojourn (or completely discards them, but bear with me for the purposes of this post) like an ill-fitting cloak? And then later, much later, it happens that you are again summed up and labelled and this time it is like the gown that falls over Cinerella's shoulders after the fairy godmother has uttered the words: you shall go to the ball. And you are, for once, appropriately clothed. You are a contender, a winner, a star - you are, in other words, a Nice Blogger. Thank you, David of Witnessing, King of Nice Bloggers.

And, as if this were not enough to make you dance into the small hours, forgetting about midnight and M.E. and the fact that you are probably metamorphosing into a pumpkin as you speak, along comes someone else with something that has your name written all over it and - oh, it is like a custard pie in the face, the nicest of all custard pies (and I know of which I speak for I like them very much indeed), and you lick your lips, sink your teeth into a bit of crust and just know that it is good, for it is an award for Blogging That Hits The Mark and it comes from Anna (F.O.M.P.) Mr .

And just for that, Anna - you know what? I'm throwing an award right back atcha, har! Have a Nice Blogger award yourself, and not just for that but because you are nice, dammit, and I'm sure you know that but if you don't then you should, and be proud of it. Because I say so. Because Nice is the New Cool as far as I'm concerned and as I am a Blogger that Hits the Mark, what I say goes. Power, huh? Goes to the head like champagne, is what I find.

And Kahless - where is she? She's been hiding away for a space, but now she's back and this is a good thing for she is Nice as well as a whole clutch of other things (just count the awards) and, plus, she makes a mean curry. I used her recipe, it's the best. When you've added the Nice Blogger award, Kahless, you'll have one more than me, not saying I'm competitive but I'm keeping an eye on the situation, ok?
Who more deserving of a splat of recognition for Blogging That Hits The Mark than Baroque of Hackney. Will She enjoy the custard pie in the face? I think so, because she is someone who appreciates pies and if you look at this you will know what I mean. And more than this - she writes beautifully, exquisitely, generously about poetry, culture, the stuff of life, in sickness and in health. Good health to her, I say, and thanks for the words and the presence.
Now. I may be Nice and I may Hit The Mark, but this does not necessarily mean I am Clever. I am back to the problem of how to put the award things onto my sidebar. Please do not send good advice, for I know all about it, I just don't seem to be able to do it. But I will later, with assistance. I am not proud. Add this to my list of virtues.
Take no notice of the * - blogger was refusing to let me have a space between those paragraphs. I know nothing but remain undefeated.


Ms Baroque said...

Ohhh, RTS, thanks!

I shall put it in my sidebar, but not in a showoffy way at all. I'll be pleased as punch to have it there, too.

Kahless said...

Congrats on your awards Signs; well deserved.

And thank-you for the one that you gave me. I will have to keep an eye on the award numbers myself and be sure who I award what to! NOT that I am competitive either!

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Ms B,

You are welcome - and no problems in this neck of the woods about showing off.

Hi Kahless,

I suppose if it comes to neck and neck we could always start inventing awards to give ourselves. Not quite sure how that would work, but - details, details.

Anna MR said...

Oh man, Signsikins, I been called many ting in my time but never I been called nice before.

In other words, thank you. Thank you v.much indeed. I am in rather a hurry at the moment to teach myself some stuff, ты знаешь, but I will be back.

loswpoz is a bit like Mazel Tov combined with low spots, and this is an interesting thing that would demand more attention and time.

Love to you, Signs, you are a star.

Mwah x

Reading the Signs said...

Anna, I can quite understand you making the assumption that I know just what you mean when you say ты знаешь - I know I keep bleating on about not being clever, but I have that aura about me, don't I? So you'll just have to believe me when I say I have no idea what the flaming norah that means. But never mind. I am impressed - carry on with the good work.

That's so pants said...

Congratulations Signs - I know it's true - I still haven't got the stains out.



Kahless said...

Ahha, whose maths is incorrect Signs? I make it 6 a piece? Of course I have a couple of awards to give out that I have been sitting on (one that you havent got!)

Now do I award you one thereby placing you into the lead? You would be deserving. Yet do I want to disadvantage myself? But then to not do so just because of a competitive nature would not be nice.

Mmmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions. I shall have to ponder.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Pants,

Ours is a high and grubby destiny - it's tough at the top. People don't realise!

Well Kahless,

Strictly speaking I suppose we are even stevens if you count my short story thing so, deserving as I may be, I suppose it might be Nice to go and splat someone else with one. I'll still be keeping a watchful eye on your sidebar though.

Kahless said...

Actually Signs, I have been pondering this; why don't we go for it?

Awards have got to come from somewhere.

Why dont we be the start of something and see if we can get an award spread across the internet.

You are the lady of wit - so if you come up with a title for the award, I can design the button.

What do you think?

Lets see if we are the start of the chain, how far we can get the award spread? And maybe it will come full circle and someone will award us the award we designed?

btw - I have had a couple of Bacardi's tonight so ignore if I am being banal!

Reading the Signs said...

I'm mulling, Kahless, I'm mulling. But not in the Barcardi way, worse luck.

trousers said...

Hello signs, and congrats on your award!

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks, trousers - nice of you to look in.