Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not Drowning But Waving

Greetings, Blogfolk, and I hope this finds you in the pink.

In Norfolk there was sun, sand, me and my shadow.

Sometimes there were mermaids in the sea

Some mornings there were pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

At night there was moon looking at me through skylight.

On my birthday there was home-made lemon drizzle cake.
Every picture tells a story - but a story is never, dear reader, entirely to be trusted. Or?
"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." (Jeanette Winterson in The Passion).
There were words and there were words. There was word count. Good enough.
I am happy to be home again.


Kahless said...

I am happy you are home too!

And happy belated birthday!

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks, dear Kahless.

re the invitation thing - I'm always baffled by how this works. Would like to come through from my Signs email addie. Anyway, put me on the list.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, dear Signs. I love the shot of your shadow against the sunlight. And I loved the moon.

And a very (belated) happy birthday wish to you. I hope you had a peaceful, joyous and healthy day.

Some beautifully written words are like the best birthday present, I hope.

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you David - well, I've already been presented with a word gift over at yours, and you didn't even know it was my birthday.

All the pics were taken with my mobile phone and camera was on the wrong setting - hence one can't enlarge them.

Kahless said...

Hi Signs, I didnt spot your email address before; now I have. I have sent an invite - just follow the instructions whatever they are.
2 posts back will explain the mystery.

Mellifluous Dark said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Signs.

Love the pic of your cat – looks sleepy and very good-to-be-home-ish.

Glad you had a good break.


Reading the Signs said...

Thanks, Kahless.

Hello, Mellifluous - thanks. I'll tell the cat what you said.

That's so pants said...

Hi Signs

Welcome back. Happy birthday too.



Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Happy belated birthday - I wish you a wonderful year filled with all and only good things.
I loved the shot of you and your shadow - I've spent half the day taking shadow shots - including a couple not dissimilar to yours! ;-)

PS I hope you've got over the image of me smoking my socks...

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks Pants, I'm quite enjoying the extended birthday. Still caking it.

Hi Vanilla, thank you. I must come over and have a look at yours. Re. sock-smoking: I think I know how one can get to That Place. Sometimes Nicorette chewing gum just doesn't do it.

Gael said...

Liking the photo essay - and the JW quote : )

Many Happy Returns...

Anyone buy you The Stone Gods? I've not read it yet, but I've a copy of Girl Meets Boy, so I am a very happy bunny : )

cusp said...

Ah, glad you had a good time: creative, fulfilling, restful (?)

The best combination

Good to have you back.

Please check your e mail ;-)

Anonymous said...

And forgot to mention that I love, love, love the title of this post.

Anna MR said...

Darling Signs, too brilliant to find you are not only back but back with a bang, because cor blimey guv'ner if that post isn't just a wee gem all stamped with the Signs' Trademark Signature™ of packing meaning aplenty into every word, into every comma, somehow uncannily turning every everyday detail into a profound observation of life, or something.

And dear you, time-travellers that we are, we'll have no problem catching that birthday of yours again and again. I will sing to you too, in Finnish and in my inimitable Marilyn Monroe impersonative mode:
Paljon onnea vaan, paljon onnea vaan....

Catch you soonest, I hope. Mwahs abound.


Reading the Signs said...

Hi Gael, I haven't got The Stone Gods - but have book tokens so that will probably be on the list. Hmm, Ali Smith - much as I loved Hotel World and some of her short stories, I really didn't like The Accidental, in fact it quite exhausted me trying to read it. So please let me know how you get on with this one. Nice to see you here again.

Cusp my dear, I badly overdid the brownies - not to mention the lemon cake and chocolate. There, now I've told you that I feel much better.

David "Not Waving but Drowning" has been a favourite since I was fourteen. Love Stevie Smith.

Anna of luminosity! How do you do that thing? No, don't tell me, there must be mysteries in this life, and That Thing should be one of them. Damnation, if I didn't go looking up the "Paljon onnea vaan, paljon onnea vaan" only to discover that it meant just what I thought it might mean. Sometimes there is mystery and sometimes there is an inspired guess - you catch my drift? And all that after your Marilyn Monroe hint (and I do so like to imagine you singing it in that style).

Absolutely mwah!

NMJ said...

And belated Happy Birthday too!

Reading the Signs said...

Ta, NMJ :)