Monday, July 30, 2007

"Like a breath I knew would come"

It just happens like this sometimes. You wake up to a day like any other, go out for a walk like any other, and the day, for some reason or none at all, comes right up close to meet you; unveils itself, reveals itself in grass, sky and woodsmoke. One butterfly. At such times you understand how Rilke could come to an utterance such as

"Earth, is it not just this that you want: to arise
invisibly in us? Is not your dream
to be one day invisible? Earth! invisible!
What is your urgent command, if not transformation?
Earth, you darling, I will! Oh, believe me, you need
no more of your spring-times to win me over: a single one,
ah, one, is already more than my blood can endure.
Beyond all names I am yours, and have been for ages.
You were always right, and your holiest inspiration
is Death, that friendly Death.
Look, I am living. On what? Neither childhood nor future
are growing less.... Supernumerous existence
wells up in my heart."

Sorry folks, but I'm even going to put up a youtube thing. I know, I know. But this is how it feels. I can't be rock and roll ALL the time.


cusp said...

Beautiful !

Nicola said...

Synchronicity abounds on your site, Signs. The beloved Rilke and...lighthouses! Almost my entire raison d'etre.
I am coming over all Russian and passion and deep emotion, reading letters between Pasternak, Tsvetayeva and Rilke.
I send you a beam of answering light.

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp - I'm catching the youtube bug from you, ye know.

Nicola - letters between Pasternak, Tsvetayeva and Rilke? Please tell - I must know more!

Gael said...

I've just returned from hols (Tuscany, beautiful)and spent (wasted?) a few moments (OK, hours) surfing. After the depressing car-crash of recent events revealed in 'the other place', it was positively restorative to come across this post.
Thank you

Reading the Signs said...

Gael, I think I know just what you mean. I'm glad Tuscany was lovely. Never been, would like to go.

Anonymous said...

". . . the day, for some reason or none at all, comes right up close to meet you." I like that thought. That if we just stop, stop moving, stop trying to make things happen, that life sometimes comes to us -- gently and peacefully and like a gentle kiss. All we have to do is. . .receive it.

Thank you Signs.

Kahless said...

Hello Signs,

ditto to what david said above. I loved your intro words.

And the rainbow near the end of the video too.

Reading the Signs said...

hello David - so I'm glad this was the one to greet your new name.

Thanks Kahless - I felt I might be cheating, as it's mostly Rilke.

wordstar said...

I wish these things didn't make me cry but they do. Even utube and the sentiment that I feel so well. You caught me unawares this morning and now I am blubbing and late !!!!!

Reading the Signs said...

Wordstar, I cry very rarely at this kind of thing, but when I do it takes me completely by surprise - (and it's usually on one of the rare occasions I wear eye makeup).